Wednesday, January 12, 2011

World Community of St. Francis Crystals Deposited on my Pilgrimage

The Sacred Crystals

In the pilgrimage that I recently took, I carried along with me a little box of polished crystals sent to me by one of my friends who is a fellow Novice within the World Community of St Francis and St Claire. This newly forming group is composed of men and women from all over the planet from various faiths (or from no organized religion) who feel called and attracted to the lives and values of St Francis and St Claire. One of our practices is to recite the 12 prayers (ideally twice each day) which were said in Assisi, Italy at the bequest of the Pope in 1986 when he pulled together leaders from the major world religions to call for Peace on the Planet.

So, I carried my prayers and this little pile of crystals with the task to say the prayers and deposit these crystals in places in each country I visited where I felt they could activate the prayers for peace. It was an interesting mandate and I took it seriously, looking out for the places which seemed to carry the energy of prayer from the past and call to me to add a crystal. Below, I will describe the places and circumstances in which I deposited each crystal along my path. I hope you can imagine them in your mind’s eye and add your prayers for peace to these locations.

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